My name is Paul LaRochelle welcome to my website. I have been in the fire service since age 15 and began chasing fires even before that. I am a retired Lieutenant with the Worcester Mass. F.D. assigned to Rescue 1. I served proudly with the department for 31 years. My family members in the fire service include my daughter (I couldn't be more proud), son-in law, two brothers and a cousin. I have loved photography for as long as I can remember. Naturally combining my career and my job for a fun and exciting hobby was easy. I believe fire photography to be the most challenging, usually shot in extreme conditions with poor lighting. Documenting America's heroes in action fighting the most feared of natures fury FIRE!!! I have always used Canon equipment, starting with a pair of AE1's and now a pair of 1D Mark 4's.

This web site is dedicated to my wife Paula, my children Kimberly and Paul III for understanding all the times when I ran out of the house for a "job". My son has passed away, he never got my fire photography he would say "seen one fire seen them all" Just one of the many things I miss about him. I hope these photos capture the essence of what we do day to day in the fire service. Thanks for looking.